We care about the planet because we only have one home.

As global warming threatens humanity's very existence, what could be more important?

The ability to balance carbon emissions versus carbon sequestration is critical to keeping the earth’s temperature within acceptable levels for all life on earth to thrive. An increase of only 2 degrees celsius will be enough to significantly reduce krill populations – a critical part of the ecosystem upon which whales and other animals in the food chain depend.

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OceanBlocks - Driving Value

Capital market participants will play a vital role in the net-zero revolution to keep global temperature rise well below 2 degrees centigrade.

Our beliefs and actions

We believe that what is best for the planet is also what is best for long-term investment returns and the preservation of our societies.

Environmental, Social Governance (ESG) is important to keep account of carbon movements while governing activities and reporting. Environmental Social Value (ESV) is the transition of governance into value generation across markets by extrapolating revenue models which coincide with green initiatives and social good.

The future depends on our actions today

OceanBlocks stands to deliver strong results on yearly targets by adding to its current carbon sequestration and mitigation portfolio. By reprioritising risk, we can find value in the carbon market while formulating sustainable organisational strategies. We are also investing in developing our blue carbon ecosystems to serve social and economic progress while generating greener outcomes.


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