Ryan Babbage

Chief Executive Officer

Ryan heads the Ocean Blocks team as the business founder and CEO. He is an accomplished entrepreneur and a sought-after business strategist with high regard and appreciation of the living world in all its splendour. Ryan has an MBA and a Blockchain degree from RMIT and has studied international business strategy and market psychology for over twelve years. A problem solver at heart, having lived in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and South Korea, Ryan has been working to connect market participants who innovatively improve the sequestration volumes of carbon from the atmosphere. Ryan believes he and the Ocean Blocks team can contribute positively to climate change by helping corporations adjust their strategies toward net-zero by having measurable plans.

Leveraging today’s modern technologies like the traceability and trust protocols of blockchains to create transparency between the point of origin of products and commodities to their final export destinations is one-way trust can be gained in all markets. Ryan is also lobbying governments through various channels to place a price on carbon to dissuade high carbon emitters from expanding their carbon footprints. Taxing carbon emitters encourages innovation to find ways around issues that plague the circular economy.

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