ESG Oversight

The sustainability impacts on important strategic and financial decisions has drastically increased in investments, raising capital and M&A. Board members and the C-suite need to take ESG into serious consideration when discussing and developing high level strategies.

Why is it a challenge for most organisations?

The lack of ESG credentials in virtually all sectors is causing major misalignment on key issues which will affect an organisation’s bottom line in the mid-long term horizon. Some of the key issues to identify and look for from the onset:

Lacking and shortfall of ESG credentials

Board members often comprise of ex C-suite executives that have a wealth of knowledge and experience in their respective industry and background. The immediate challenge with board members is the resistance they bring due to their background views and general deprioritization of ESG. This should not be seen as criticism, but more a factual statement as ESG was generally not prioritised 15+ years ago in comparison to now.

Not part of organisation's DNA, yet

There is undoubtedly a growing interest and value driven initiatives in a strong ESG proposition. However, most organisations have yet to embed ESG into their DNA; it is mostly seen as an add-on that compliments their usual business strategies in order to satisfy reporting and stakeholder requirements. Yet, the most successful ESG propositions are those that have strong confluence with the organisation's business and corporate strategy.

Failure to see and drive non-financial value

ESG has often been viewed as a compliance and reporting checkbox to satisfy stakeholders and investors. Many organisations are overlooking how ESG can affect their bottom line, and what kind of impact a strong ESG proposition can make to future-proof business. Various recent studies have clearly shown the correlation between top-line growth, profitability and increased returns resulting from strong ESG propositions organisation-wide.

Ocean Blocks can help alleviate the stress.

Many organisations lack ESG oversight. Ocean Blocks can provide virtual CSO-like (Chief Sustainability Officer) consulting services to ensure the board and the C-suite / senior teams are onboard and in alignment with ESG strategies. We can ensure that organisations see the long-term implications of such strategies and how they can be implemented properly.


How we operate and provide solutions for our customers.

As ESG is a broad term encapsulating many aspects of an organisation, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to formulating the right strategy.

The first step would be to get in touch with us and book an initial consult so that the Ocean Blocks ESG team can get to know your organisation in order to identify and better understand where we are able to add value.

Ocean Blocks typically work with and consult to mid-tier businesses both in Australia and abroad. Occasionally we do specific pieces of work for bigger firms or government organisations that require our specialist expertise in designated areas.

Ocean Blocks works with a wide range of organisations in different industry sectors. We are sector agnostic and have clients from a variety of industries.

The ESG side of the Ocean Blocks business operates much like a consultancy firm. We typically consult to businesses and work to create a bespoke strategy to tailor for each organisations’ unique needs and requirements.

Due to the bespoke nature of how we work with our clients, our fee structure is only determined after understanding the particular organisation’s requirements.